The present consultancy aims to assist the Republic of Vanuatu to meet both the UNFCCC and FCPF safeguard requirements for REDD+ in a coordinated and cost-effective manner. This effort will be coordinated with and in support of efforts in line with the national REDD+ Strategy.

The objective of this consultancy is to assess the potential social and environmental impacts of the proposed REDD+ activities (strategic environmental and social assessment; SESA); to develop an environmental and social management framework (ESMF), in line with Vanuatu’s emerging national REDD+ Strategy; and to provide an analysis of land issues and an assessment of associated data. As part of the ESMF, management frameworks will be produced for those environmental and social issues that have been identified as risks; this will include a management framework for resettlement if it is determined that resettlement is indeed a risk of the proposed REDD+ interventions.



April 2019 - April 2020


  • World Bank


  • Vanuatu Department of Forests