The purpose of this consultancy is to support the government of Panama with the development of the country’s National REDD+ Strategy, including the indentification of REDD+ Policies and Measures [PaMs].


The consultancy will achieve this by reviewing studies already carried out: [1. Organization, Consultation and Participation; 2. Technical and operational technical framework for the National REDD + Strategy; 3. Reference Levels of Forest Emissions / Reference Levels [REL / RL]; 4. National Monitoring System for Forests, including information on Safeguards] and articulate them in a National REDD+ Strategy document.

The consultancy will also aim to define policies and measures [PaMs] that promote the 5 REDD+ activities [reduction of emissions from deforestation, reduction of emissions from forest degradation, sustainable forest management, conservation of carbon stocks and increase of carbon stocks], articulated with the National Development Plans, strategic guidelines of the Ministry of Environment; and to promote compliance with social and environmental safeguards.






  • UNDP


  • Association for the Conservation of Nature [ANCON]