The project aims to support Peru with the adoption of a Country Safeguard Approach and the design of a Safeguards Information System (SIS).

This will be achieved by facilitating participatory process (including the set-up of multi-stakeholder safeguard committee), by assisting with the necessarry governance assessments (e.g. the identification and assessments of legal and institutional frameworks, grievance redress mechanisms, information systems and non-compliance mechanisms), by assisting with the clarification of the UNFCCC REDD+ safeguards to the country context and the identification of their associated reporting needs, facilitating the articulation of the country approach to safeguards, by providing strategic advice for the design of the SIS, and by supporting awareness raising and capacity building activities. 



January 2016 - December 2018


  • German Federal Ministry of the Environment,Nature Conservation,Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB)


  • MINAM- Environmental Ministry of Peru
  • DAR Peru
  • SNV