Uganda is designing ER-Programs and preparing the associated ER-Program documents (ER-PIN and ERPD) is to facilitate systematic and full “implementation of the national policies and measures [included in the national REDD+ strategy or action plan] that allows for further capacity-building, technology development and transfer, evolving into results-based actions that should be fully measured, reported and verified.” Since support may come from a wide variety of sources, public and private, bilateral and multilateral, including alternative sources, Uganda’s ER-Programs design and documentation will reflect the requirements these multiple sources.


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The purpose of this consultancy is to develop a strategic lessons learned think piece, including analyses, forward looking reflections and recommendations to inform the design of the next phase of the UN-REDD Partnership beyond 2020.


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This consultancy aims to support Uruguay in the realization of a strategic social and environmental assessment (SESA) to identify possible impacts and risks, as well as the opportunities among the various REDD+ strategic options in the country.


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