Uganda is designing ER-Programs and preparing the associated ER-Program documents (ER-PIN and ERPD) is to facilitate systematic and full “implementation of the national policies and measures [included in the national REDD+ strategy or action plan] that allows for further capacity-building, technology development and transfer, evolving into results-based actions that should be fully measured, reported and verified.” Since support may come from a wide variety of sources, public and private, bilateral and multilateral, including alternative sources, Uganda’s ER-Programs design and documentation will reflect the requirements these multiple sources.


Under this assignment the Winrock consortium comprised by Winrock International, Climate Law and Policy and Ecotrust will work with the REDD+ Secretariat through the Focal Point and REDD+ Steering Committee to develop two separate ER-Programs for the Mount Elgon and Albertine Rift regions. These will be designed to allow nesting within national REDD+ management and monitoring structures. This will include undertaking work and formalising arrangements necessary to complete all components of funding proposals for results-based payments (RBP) under existing or emerging REDD+ funding mechanisms.

Climate Law and Policy will provide their internationally recognised technical expertise in SESA as well as REDD+ law and policy to ensure these aspects meet criteria required for successful REDD+ implementation.




August 2019 - August 2020


  • MWE Ministry of Water and Environment of Uganda