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Dina is a qualified South African lawyer, legal researcher and consultant with more than a decade of experience working in human rights and environmental law, gender and sexuality, Indigenous peoples’ rights, climate change, and rights to participation. Dina has extensive experience working with civil society, government, research institutions and directly with community-based organisations and marginalised communities. In all of her work, Dina is committed to just, respectful and inclusive practices that centre the voices and needs of marginalised and vulnerable groups.

In addition to working as a consultant, Dina is a researcher at the University of Vienna, where she examines the ways in which Indigenous peoples, women and gender diverse groups face practices of silencing and epistemic injustice in legally mandated consultation processes in the context of climate programmes, such as REDD+, and in the mining and energy sector.

Dina previously worked as a Senior Attorney at the Centre for Environmental Rights in Cape Town. At the Centre, Dina represented communities and activists in their battles for more transparent, accountable environmental, climate and water governance. She worked on the legal aspects of climate change, acid mine drainage, hydraulic fracturing and was instrumental in the facilitation of a community activist network in the field of mining and environmental justice. Dina also led the Centre’s work on improving transparency in environmental governance.

Dina holds a doctoral degree from the University of Oslo and Master’s in Law from Auckland University as well as a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Cape Town.